Thursday, July 24, 2008

We've been so busy gathering signatures, I forgot to mention...

that last Saturday, July 19th, we proudly opened the Avalos '08 headquarters to the public!
We had well over 100 District 11 residents from the Ocean View to the Outer Mission join us for coffee, pastries and a chance to meet John and talk to their neighbors. We had activities for the young ones and, this being a grassroots campaign totally dependent upon volunteer labor, put the rest of our guests to work walking precincts to collect the additional signatures we needed to get John on the November ballot without paying a filing fee. Did you hear? We submitted our petitions today with over 1200 valid signatures!

I can't fully express how honored I felt that day, to see so many people representative of the wonderful, diverse communities that make District 11 such a great place to live and raise a family, willing to give up most of their Saturday to come help spread the word about the difference John can make in District 11 and the entire City once we get him elected in November.

We are so lucky to have this space. Its huge (1400 square feet - almost twice as big as John and Karen's house!), is located in the middle of the commercial corridor, and has big inviting windows so passers-by always want to look inside. We are blessed to have a landlord who cares about this district and agrees that John is the best choice in November. A talented local artist, Chris Lux, blessed us with painting two murals depicting his love for District 11, John's message and a belief in the power of "many voices, one community."

We're making the place more inviting everyday. People are bringing us furniture and supplies, we have some comfy couches to rest our weary bones after long days of campaigning, snacks, and a box full of toys for all the children who frequent the office. But don't just take my word for it. Please, stop by anytime! We're at 4802 Mission at Onondaga. You can get here easily on the 14, 14x or 49. Its also close to Balboa Bart. Stop by, we'd love to talk to you.


Anonymous said...

John et al.,

Now that the campaigns for Supervisor are in full swing, I really think that it is important that you start building coaltions and cross-endorse the other like-minded candidates in the race. Either Julio Ramos or Emily Drennen would probably make a fine progressive Supervisor. Perhaps, in addition to cross-endorsing, you could connect links to each others' websites. Time is ticking.

jt said...

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the input, as always. I can't comment on John's thoughts about cross endorsing but I'm pretty certain Emily withdrew from the race already.

Additionally, it seems that this race is really coming down to two candidates, John and Mr. Safai. Julio's viability is in question at the moment as demonstrated by his lack-luster effort to gather signatures to get his name placed on the ballot (he turned in fewer than 300 valid signatures.)

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