Sunday, June 1, 2008

John Avalos for Supervisor

I have been attending different area of District 11 to check out the candidates and John Avalos in particular. This is to see how he presents himself and how he plan to represent District 11. One thing I did find out and I am approving is that he would like to mobilize the entire District 11 and make us ONE. It does not matter which neighborhood we come from if we are District 11 we are one.
I am glad I made the decision to support John Avalos because he is humble, has a heart for the job, and he is professional and has a passion for what he is doing. He has the interest of the community in his hand and he plan to assist us any way that he can. I have also noticed that he is out and about meeting with people getting to know more of the 70,000 people he plan to serve. I am working along side of him because I believe in what he is doing.

Deloris McGee